How to surf the fastest paced change in history? The core question for industry insight and on-the-ground performance. Zoom in on luxury products and brands to understand the what, how and why of consumer dynamics. We specialise in high-end accessories and fine jewellery operations, which we align with the right partners and audiences.


Market Intelligence│
Record-breaking jewellery
auctions in Geneva:
Why, how and for whom?

Market intelligence│
A report on independent fine
jewellery business models

Market intelligence│
Report on the fashion
fine jewellery market

Market Intelligence│
Report on high jewellery
collecting in the digital age

Market intelligence│
Report on changing
fine jewellery consumption behaviour

Fine Jewellery Sales│
An analysis of
the decade´s
biggest auctions

Project management│
Retail flagship
Operations HQ
Urban redevelopment

PR & Market strategy│
Fashion fine jewellery
brand launch

Market Intelligence│
An analysis of ready-to-wear consumption patterns today

Market intelligence│
A report on Burberry´s
digital strategy

Market intelligence│
Seasonal catwalk reports

Market intelligence│
A report on trends
in the digital age